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The Full Story

About Teresa Bunting

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Embark on a journey through the story of Teresa Bunting, a visionary designer whose creative spirit was nurtured from childhood and blossomed into a brilliant career in textiles.


Chapter 1:
Roots of Inspiration

Both my parents were artists and fostered an environment rich in creativity and expression. My father, John Bunting, studied sculpture at St. Martin's School of Art, inspired by Henry Moore, and my mother, Romola, majored in ceramics at the Royal College of Art. Our home in Yorkshire was adorned with my father's sculptures and my mother's ceramic illustrations, which shaped my early understanding of art. Their work, along with the family history of craftsmanship, profoundly influenced my artistic journey. Some of their pieces continue to inspire my projects today.

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Chapter 2:
A Heritage of Artistry

Growing up in Rose Cottage, I was immersed in creativity, learning skills such as drawing, sewing and gardening from my mother. Our family's artistic heritage, including my great uncle's shoe making and our ancestors' tannery, enriched my understanding of craftsmanship. This environment inspired my passion for design, leading me to explore graphic design and soft sculpture during my school years. My parents' influence and our rich family history laid the foundation for my career in textiles. These early experiences instilled in me an appreciation for art and design that will last a lifetime.

Chapter 3:
Professional Beginnings

After graduating from college, I worked briefly at a design studio in Hampstead Heath and then at Texunion S.P.A on the Swiss-French border. In search of a warmer climate, I moved to Florence, Italy, during the economic boom. I joined Sarti Faliero's group with the new company Francis Cot, which supplied printed fabrics to top brands. 

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Chapter 4:
Adapting to Change

With the decline of Prato's textile industry, we moved to the Brenta Riviera, known for its shoe factories and Palladian villas. Inspired by Mariano Fortuny, I founded a print design studio. Later I advised in Turkey, helping to consolidate fabric collections for Premier Vision in Paris.

Chapter 5:
A New Venture

After a long working experience in the textile industry, I created my own brand Teresa Bunting Scarves. The creation of original artwork, combined with advanced technologies, allows the composition of original designs and their color variation for printing on silk. 

The production process involves high-quality printing techniques that respect environmental sustainability. Each garment is made with care and precision, demonstrating Teresa's passion for creating unique pieces that are true masterpieces of art. 

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